Mobile speed tester RootMetrics expands to the UK

Mobile network testing startup RootMetrics has aims on international expansion, and the first country to get its hybrid-crowdsourcing treatment will be the UK. By combining drive tests, indoor measurements and crowdsourced data, Root plans to start comparing UK carrier 3G speeds in four to six weeks.

Taking LTE to the freeways: Impressions of AT&T’s Chicago network

AT&T had slower speeds in the city than you might expect, but overall the performance of the new LTE network and new smartphones was impressive, streaming uninterrupted Netflix video for 45 minutes and clocking average speeds of more than 10 Mbps on the freeway.

T-Mobile’s 42 Mbps HSPA+: Fast, but it’s still no LTE

T-Mobile claims its new 42-Mbps HSPA+ can rival LTE. In the industry’s first apples to apples-to-apples comparison, RootMetrics put T-Mo’s claims to the test in multiple markets. The conclusion: T-Mobile’s network is fast but its still can’t match the raw speeds of Verizon’s LTE.