The faster your broadband, the higher your income

Faster broadband isn’t just something to brag about, it gives you an economic edge. Data from Ericsson suggests a boost from 4 MBps to 8Mbps leads to a $120 rise in monthly income.

How Bandwidth Caps Force Us All to Become Network Cops

Bandwidth caps seem like not a bad idea, until you find yourself struggling to figure out how your home network suddenly started downloading hundreds of gigabytes of data in a matter of days, and you have blown through your monthly limit in less than a week.

Speed2: No NASCAR, but Also No Free Ride

Motor sport fans can soon watch races live from the Nürburgring on their computer, thanks to a new broadband network dubbed Speed2 that is going to be launched by Fox (s NWS) this June. Speed2 is tied to Fox’s Speed cable channel and will initially only be available to viewers who subscribe to Speed through Time Warner Cable (s TWX).

Speed2 isn’t the only online offering that’s tied to a customer’s cable subscription or choice of broadband provider. ESPN’s (s DIS) recently-renamed ESPN3 network is limited to a few select ISPs, and Cablevision (s CVC) launched a site called MSG Varsity last year that restricts some of its content to Cablevision customers.

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Vid-Biz: Verivue, Telcos, Speed

Verivue Raises $20 Million; IP video distribution company adds third round led by Sigma Partners, which follows a $40 million round the company disclosed just in March. (peHUB, via a regulatory filing)
Telcos Taking Share from Cable Cos; AT&T and Verizon grew to 4.4 percent share of the TV provider market, while cable fell 3.1 percent to just over 61 percent. (TV by the Numbers)
Turner Partners with News Corp. for NASCAR Web Video Channel; “NASCAR on Speed” will feature Speed Channel talent and have three original series. (MediaWeek)
U.S. Open Serves 6.4 Million Streams During First Week; 1.4 million video consoles were open for an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes. (paidContent)
JibJab Hops on Board Soul Train; stick your face on a dancer’s body from the classic music show. (TechCrunch)

App Review: Keymote Makes Shortcuts Even Easier

keymoteThere are no shortage of iPhone apps that function as remotes for your Mac, Apple TV, or just about anything else. Keymote (iTunes link), by Iced Cocoa, takes the concept to a new level by allowing custom “keysets” for all of your favorite applications.

So why would anybody need an app to do this when most apps have keyboard shortcuts already? Well the answer is simple if you consider the power of leveraging the large screen on the iPhone. When it launched sans a physical keyboard, Steve Jobs commented that it was a great idea to do away with it, because there are times when you don’t need a full size keyboard. If you are typing in numbers, it would be great to see large numbers instead of individual keys. Read More about App Review: Keymote Makes Shortcuts Even Easier

iPhone 3G vs. 3G S: Our Unscientific Speed Tests Show a Clear Winner


Apple (s aapl) claims the iPhone 3G S is much faster than the iPhone 3G, but is it? Keep reading for our impromptu, unscientific speed tests.


The iPhone 3G S may be a faster device, but the upgrade process is slow. Be prepared when you hook up the new iPhone (to the machine you previously synced your old phone with) to be asked to accept a new license agreement. You will then be asked to enter your Apple ID. Thus, you’ll need an active Internet connection. You’ll likely want to restore from your old iPhone backup and then you’ll have to wait…a very long time. My restore took about 40 minutes. Read More about iPhone 3G vs. 3G S: Our Unscientific Speed Tests Show a Clear Winner

AT&T Announces Upgrades Just in Time for New iPhone


A news item yesterday on iLounge reports AT&T (s att) will be upgrading its existing 3G network to provide a “significantly faster” mobile Internet service. The communications giant is planning to double its current 3G network speeds and expand its cell coverage.

From AT&T’s own press release:

The upgrade to High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 technology is part of AT&T’s plan for continued investments to deliver the nation’s best mobile broadband experience — the ideal combination of speed, coverage and best device line-up. AT&T today has the nation’s fastest 3G network and has attracted more than twice the number of smartphone users than any other competitor.

While the expanded cell coverage (AT&T is deploying over 2,000 new cell sites throughout the country) will hopefully reduce the number of dropped or failed calls for iPhone users, the improvements in mobile broadband speeds appear to be limited to larger cities and other metropolitan areas. Read More about AT&T Announces Upgrades Just in Time for New iPhone

Don’t Forget the Little Guys: Updated Processors, Hard Drives, and Keyboards


Alongside some of the more publicized changes Apple (s aapl) made to their lineup today, including the long-awaited new Mac mini, the iMac and Mac Pro updates, and the changes to the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule devices, there were also a few, more quiet modifications made.

Maybe most interesting among these changes are the processor speed improvements made to the MacBook Pro line of Apple notebooks. Whereas MacBook Pros used to cap out at 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the limit has now been increased to 2.93GHz. The standard processor included in the more expensive 15-inch model also gets an improvement, up to 2.66GHz from 2.53GHz. Read More about Don’t Forget the Little Guys: Updated Processors, Hard Drives, and Keyboards