Box will fight Google Drive with ecosystem push

As Google Drive hits the cloud storage market like a gale force wind, Box continues to push itself as the cloud storage supplier for business. Box has refined its API to ease integration with third-party software and allied itself with New York-based incubators.

Dispatches from Cloud Connect 2012: AWS under attack

Amazon, the market leader, plays at the infrastructure level. But there was a lot of talk at Cloud Connect about Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, where cloud folks think the real action will ultimately lie. The company will soon have to address these shifts as well as trends on the enterprise side around security, control and transparency that are pushing many organizations toward the private cloud.

SpiderOak takes on Amazon S3 in archival storage

SpiderOak says its new cloud storage service will offer consumers and businesses a cheaper way to keep their data archives. Yes, cheaper than Amazon S3. The service, to go live later this quarter, will be available as a commercial product and open-source project.