The internet of things isn’t producing a data deluge … yet

It might seem like the world is awash is in connected devices, but we haven’t seen anything yet. But the companies storing data from all those sensors say they’re not worried about how much there’ll be as much as about making it easy to use.

Tableau, Splunk partner on a new connector

Tableau (s data) and Splunk (s splk), two of the more successful (and ubiquitous) data startups turned public companies over the past several years, have partnered on a new connector that lets Tableau users access Splunk as a data source within the analytics software. However, it’s not just the existence of a connector that’s valuable for users, but what it means — that they can now combine Splunk data with other data within Tableau to visually analyze all of it together. As Tableau grows more popular, partnering with it is becoming a popular move for everyone from large software vendors to small startups such as BigML.

With competition ramping up, Splunk starts targeting non-techies

Splunk is furthering its evolution beyond IT search with a new set of features that make it easier for business users to create, analyze and visualize machine-generated data sets. With lots of competition popping up everyday, Splunk can’t rest on its laurels.