Bringing Broadcasters and Telecom Carriers Together

2011 NAB Show® will highlight Telecom Access Networks — a conference and pavilion that brings together content and telecom executives to discuss the technologies and business strategies advancing video and broadband subscriber networks in the 2010s. Check out War on the Floor at the 2010 NAB Show.

Carriers Must Open Up to Be Successful With Their Mobile App Market

We live in an Apple-dominated application development environment, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Carriers can stay relevant by making application enablement more open and agile. Alcatel-Lucent’s “Driving the Application Explosion: Implications for network providers – challenges and recommendations,” offers up some specific advice.

Sponsor post: Atimi Software Joins AT&T Business Alliance Channel Program as an Apple Ecosystem Elite Member

Atimi Software Inc. has joined the AT&T Business Alliance Channel program as an Elite Member in the Apple ecosystem providing mobility solutions. Atimi joins a small number of firms supporting AT&T’s business customers in the United States as they develop and evolve their brand image, e-commerce, and publishing strategies on Apple’s iPhone and other smartphone platforms.

Atimi is one of the leading iPhone development firms in North America and by December of 2009 had produced more than 25 iPhone applications for leading U.S. brands in Media & Entertainment; Fashion; Health; Education; Finance; Games; Municipal Mapping and Utility. Atimi is also is one of the leading Macintosh development houses in the world; it supports global firms in development and porting of applications to the Mac platform. Atimi’s immediate partnership goal will be to help AT&T support its ever-growing base of iPhone and Mac desktop clients.

Atimi — Raising the Standard for iPhone Development

Atimi Software Inc. is a leading iPhone and cross-platform development company with a core strength in developing for the Mac platform and the new generation of smartphones. As a dedicated software services company, Atimi provides advisory and development services and has completed iPhone and software development projects for many of the leading brands in North America, including the New York Times and HBO. By the end of 2009, Atimi had completed more than 25 iPhone applications for its clients, 65% of which received some degree of Apple promotion including via iTunes, TV, print and in-store placement.

Atimi provides confidential, effective, and timely production of smartphone and desktop software. Atimi’s broad range of expertise, proven development processes, and its Orchard rapid development framework for mobile helps clients to reach their target launch dates reliably and efficiently, allowing them to focus on building strong, lasting relationships with their own customers.