NTV Station Today: Tour De France, Amy Winehouse

Despite the fact that the NBC remake of The Bionic Woman was canceled so quietly no one’s bothered to miss it, Comedy.com’s re-imagining of the failed series achieves more than a few chuckles — if only because it’s funny to imagine Amy Winehouse doing anything productive with her life.

And whether or not you’re a cycling nerd, you’re probably not immune to the excitement of the Tour de France, which kicked off on July 5th and will continue through July 27th. But how to watch the legendary cycling race without cable TV — or being fluent in French? We’ll help you out over at NewTeeVee Station.

Karina’s Capsule: The Mena Show

The Mena Show is a period piece, set in 1994, starring 30-year-old Six Apart co-founder/president Mena Trott as the 17-year-old version of herself. It’s “what my vlog would have looked like if I had the web tools available now … in 1994,” Trott says via the clip’s YouTube description, but technically, there’s little evidence that it was made and distributed via modern technology. There’s a knowingness with which Trott address the camera that seems a bit too assured and normalized for the era, but other than that, The Mena Show could be plausibly played off as an actual antique, a 14-year-old VHS tape updated to YouTube on a lark.

In segments stitched together with title cards accurately recalling the stop-start MTV aesthetic of the time, a beret-clad Mena addresses the camera with a series of complaints and celebrations. She’s mainly concerned with credibility –– she calls out a friend for being a Rocky Horror Picture Show poseur, she complains about jocks dancing to Green Day even though they haven’t “earned” it. This (mostly imagined) fight for street cred was the fundamental culture war of the mid-90s, and the war was mostly fought by Doc Marten-wearing teens and 20-somethings wandering suburban and college-town streets. Mena’s earnest obsession with the stratified authenticity of cool is pitch-perfect.

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