3.0 Beta Rocks Aqua On Intel

VMware was not the only pre-release surprise this past week as launched a beta of their new 3.0 office productivity suite complete with native OS X GUI support (no need to run X11 anymore!) along with a sizable list of other enhancements and bug fixes. TAB put the suite through a series of tests to help readers determine if this 168MB download is worthy of a spot in their Applications folders.
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Lenovo X60 Tablet gets a Core 2 Duo inside

Lenovo_x60GottaBeMobile eye-spied the update on the Lenovo X60 product page: if you want a Core 2 Duo in your X60 Tablet PC, it’s yours for the ordering. You’ll have to ante up anywhere from $25 to $225 for the updated CPU, depending on the clock speed, screen resolution and multi-touch functionality.

It’s also worth mentioning that Lenovo is offering a $400 savings on the X60 Tablet through April 16th. Details indicate that the Tablet price reflects a $300 discount in combination with a $100 discount of the X6 UltraBase. The UltraBase is an expansion dock that supports an optical drive, extra battery or hard drive, VGA out and more.

Qwest ready to sell itself

Qwest, after losing the battle for MCI is not averse to being taken out itself. “We’re looking at every opportunity as we look at the consolidation that is going on in our industry… And that’s all I’d better say about that,” Qwest chairman and CEO Richard Notebaert said at the Executives’ Club of Chicago. He also said he was frustrated by MCI’s unwillingness to take the Qwest offer seriously. But back to the buyout question. With $10.5 billion in debt, the company is still a high risk proposition for anyone to acquire. The best recourse for them would be to merge with Sprint’s local business, and try and add more heft to its operations by nibbling at smaller players. By doing so, it can make itself attractive enough for a decent offer from either BellSouth or SBC. The good news is that some of Q’s states have the new growth demographics working in their favor.