A cheat sheet of peer-to-peer car sharing players

Two peer-to-peer car sharing startups have launched in the Bay Area in recent months (there’s at least five here now), and there’s four peer-to-peer car sharing companies in France. Here’s my cheat sheet of a dozen companies offering websites to facilitate car sharing among neighbors.

Wheelz: Car sharing for campuses

The peer-to-peer car sharing space is getting crowded. On Wednesday a startup called Wheelz launched at Stanford University with the idea to bring student-to-student car sharing to campuses.

Take our poll & share your views on AirBnB, other web-sharing startups

There’s been an explosion of interest in web-sharing services, a growing movement of lending and bartering services that create economical and sustainable consumption methods. Take a few minutes to tell us how you feel about this movement in our new survey, and maybe even win prizes.

Zipcar Soars in Nasdaq Debut

Combine a year in which IPOs are back and car sharing is hot and what do you get? A smash hit success. Zipcar’s stock debuted on the Nasdaq Thursday at an eye-opening $30 per share, up over 60 percent from its offering price of $18.

7 Steps Toward Shared Vehicles in 2010

Over the course of 2010, a rich ecosystem of services, startups and innovations began to take shape around the idea of sharing cars and bikes. Here’s seven steps taken this year toward shared transportation:

RelayRides Scores Google VC Funds, Kicks Off in SF

RelayRides, which aims to help people rent out their personal vehicles, launched today and said it raised its first round of investment from Google Ventures and August Capital. It’s part of a trend in which companies are using the web to help people share “stuff.”

Car-Sharing: The Gateway Drug to the Web-Sharing Economy

Car-sharing is the gateway drug of the growing trend of using the web to help people share “stuff.” According to a report from research firm Latitude called The Sharing Economy, people who try out car-sharing services are more likely to join in other web-based sharing services.

How Web Sharing Sites Can Save The Planet

Using the web to help people share “stuff,” like cars, has become a hot commodity. But there’s an overlooked aspect at the heart of this cultural shift: how to use the Internet to manage constrained resources sustainably in the face of massive population growth centered around cities.

Spride Share Revs for “Cloud Computing for Cars”

A new car sharing startup called Spride Share, backed by a who’s who of Silicon Valley, could be poised to overcome one of the largest obstacles to winning over consumers in a matter of weeks, or possibly days.