Is cleanweb the future of cleantech investing?

As overall venture investing for cleantech declines, many VCs are expressing new excitement about software and mobile based solutions to resource conservation. The so called “cleanweb” beckons new investors.

Honest Buildings raises first venture round for green building data

A startup that aggregates data about energy use and green characteristics of buildings, Honest Buildings, has raised its first venture round. Using information technology to address resource constraints is one of the few areas of cleantech that VCs still seem willing to invest in.

Introducing SideCar, the Uber for personal cars

San Francisco is truly the test bed for alternative tech-focused transportation. And on Tuesday, folks in the Bay Area will have access to yet another option: SideCar, a mobile app that will offer real time ride sharing.

The Kickstarter for solar could make you money starting this Summer

The Kickstarter for solar, Solar Mosaic, is just about to launch the truly disruptive part of its business: this Summer the startup plans to start offering people a way to buy into rooftop solar panel projects, and make back a return on their investment over time.

A growing wind farm in Alaska looks to batteries

While wind power is one of the cheapest forms of clean power, it’s also one of the most fickle, and to combat that problem, utilities are experimenting with energy storage, and in particular batteries.

Hacking solutions to the world’s resource problem

This weekend in New York City, dozens of developers gathered for the second Cleanweb Hackathon, where programmers spent the weekend building mobile and web apps around new ways to manage energy. The event is the latest sign the ecosystem around clean technology is changing.

Solar Mosaic, Kickstarter for solar aims high

Introducing crowd sourcing meets solar, with a kick. Startup Solar Mosaic has built a Kickstarter-style platform that is bringing together peer-to-peer lenders that want to make loans for solar projects in underserved communities, and plans to one day offer ways to make money from solar.

Green:Net Speaker: Sunil Paul on the “CleanWeb”

Entrepreneur and investor Sunil Paul, who made his first cleantech investment about 9 years ago, is big on the idea of the “CleanWeb,” or using IT to address constrained resources. At Green:Net Paul will give a talk on who’s leading the CleanWeb and why it’s important.