What next for Cloud Foundry?

VMware aggressively recruited partners to base platforms on its open-source Cloud Foundry stack. Now as it preps the Pivotal Initiative spinoff, those partners worry about more intense competition with the Cloud Foundry mothership.

VMware’s platform play could use a cloud connection

VMware announced the late-summer availability of vFabric 5 this morning, an integrated suite of the various application-platform components it has acquired over the past couple years. The news illustrates pretty definitively that, for the time being, VMware’s on-premise and cloud-based platform strategies are fairly distinct.

Did Apple Just Make the White iPhone an Upgrade Incentive?

Apple spoke directly about its white iPhone 4 again yesterday. It said people won’t be able to get one until at least spring of 2011, right around when new iPhone models are due. So will white be an iPhone 5 exclusive?

When and Where to Find 4G in Q4

[qi:gigaom_icon_4G] Clearwire (s clwr), Comcast (s cmcsa) and Sprint (s s) today provided a timeframe of when during the fourth quarter of this year they plan to launch 4G wireless broadband service in 11 U.S. markets. Comcast will be pairing up with the other two providers in Seattle, Philadelphia and Chicago. Clearwire’s 4G service is already available in 14 U.S. cities, including Las Vegas and Atlanta, and has said it plans to roll out 4G to Silicon Valley in 2010.

Want to see when 4G is coming to your area? Here’s a guide: Read More about When and Where to Find 4G in Q4

Can Pre Save Palm From Being Put Out to Pasture?

Today, after a nearly year-long delay, Palm announced WebOS, a brand-new web-centric mobile operating system, and the Palm Pre, its first WebOS-powered device. With this twin release Palm hopes to stage a comeback in the mobile business. But while most gadget gurus seem to be quite taken with the newest shiniest object, I remain highly skeptical of Palm’s chance to succeed with this new effort.