Sprint can barely wait to rid itself of Nextel network

For the first time in six years, Sprint’s aging Nextel and wireline businesses didn’t overwhelm all positive gains from its primary CDMA business in its quarterly results. Still, Sprint is anxious to shed the Nextel albatross and Wednesday detailed its plans to shut down iDEN.

Look out big telcos, Ting shares data across devices

Ting, a new reseller of Sprint’s voice, 3G and WiMax, launched with one of the most unique mobile plans to date. Families using Ting share voice minutes and messages. But there’s another twist: they also share their monthly data across all devices on the plan.

Sprint sells the ZTE Optik, its first sub-$100 tablet

Sprint will carry the Optik, a 7-inch 3G-enabled tablet built by ZTE, a China-based company. The Android 3.2 tablet has capable components and runs Android 3.2. The best feature may be the price: just $99 with a two-year Sprint contract or $349.99 without a commitment.

LTE-Advanced: Think of it as broadband for cars

The ITU has approved the LTE-Advanced standard, and the web understandably got excited, proclaiming the arrival of ‘5G’. We’re also pretty amped up about LTE-Advanced and the huge gains in speeds, capacity and network efficiency it will deliver, but we also think the party is a bit premature.

Virgin Mobile to slow heavy smartphone data users

Virgin Mobile will begin to reduce the mobile broadband speeds of smartphone users on March 23, following a similar path as T-Mobile, AT&T and others who have offered unlimited plans. Facing huge demand for mobile data, the days of truly unlimited plans appear numbered.

Deal alert: Best Buy’s iPhone 4 BOGO deal returns

Best Buy has a good deal on iPhones this weekend: It is offering buy-one-get-one-free pricing on the 32 GB iPhone 4, on either Sprint or AT&T with new 2-year contracts. Basically, it means you get a 32 GB iPhone 4 for the price of the 8 GB version.

Sprint goes on the offensive with patent suit against cable

Remember the early days of VoIP when Sprint went after Vonage with a patent lawsuit relating to how Vonage handled voice calls on a data network? Sprint is pulling those patents out again, aiming its quest for license fees at the cable companies.

Sprint leans heavily on Carrier IQ, while AT&T limits use

Though most U.S. operators use Carrier IQ’s handset monitoring software in some form, they’re not all using it to the same degrees. Sprint turns out to be Carrier IQ’s biggest fan, installing its software on half of all devices while AT&T uses it much more sparingly.

Shareholder Activists Take On Web Privacy

A group of seven investment bodies, including the New York City Pension Fund, have teamed up in an effort to get major U.S. Internet service providers to detail their privacy practices through the power of the shareholder resolution. As powers go, shareholder resolutions are far more about bringing change through public relations than via any financial coercion, but sometimes they really work.

The project is called the Open Media and Information Companies Initiative, and the goals of its campaign range from protecting free speech online to getting ISPs to document their network management practices for the public. So far the group has filed shareholder resolutions with the following companies: Read More about Shareholder Activists Take On Web Privacy