Machine Learning, in Redmond and beyond

Microsoft’s been in the machine learning game for almost 15 years, announcing a revamped offering last month. What does Redmond’s Machine Learning history tell us about the market’s future?

Cloud startup Tier 3 gets serious about enterprise PaaS

Up-and-coming IaaS player Tier 3’s new Web Fabric Platform aims to give enterprise customers access to infrastructure services and higher-level application services from a single console. It builds on Iron Foundry, an open source fork of Cloud Foundry that adds .NET support.

Why Klout is making its bed with Hadoop and … Microsoft

Look under the covers of almost any data-focused web application — including Klout — and you’ll find Hadoop. It helps Klout accurately measure and score its users’ social media influence. But Klout also has another important, and very not-open-source, weapon in its arsenal — Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft’s Hadoop play is shaping up, and it includes Excel

Microsoft, which looked as if it might be the odd man out on Hadoop, might actually play a big role in taking the platform into the mainstream. On Tuesday, it exposed its plans to make Hadoop data analyzable via both a JavaScript framework and Microsoft Excel.