Cloudera now supports Accumulo, the NSA’s take on HBase

Cloudera will be integrating with the Apache Accumulo database and, according to a press release, “devoting significant internal engineering resources to speed Accumulo’s development.” The National Security Agency created Accumulo and built in fine-grained authentication to ensure only authorized individuals could see ay given piece of data. Cloudera’s support could be bittersweet for Sqrrl, an Accumulo startup comprised of former NSA engineers and intelligence experts, which should benefit from a bigger ecosystem but whose sales might suffer if Accumulo makes its way into Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution.

Six degrees of separation, NSA-style

Whether it’s ethically right or wrong to investigate deep into suspects’ networks of connections, the NSA certainly has the processing power to do it. “Three hops” away isn’t much when you can map potentially trillions of identities.

Now anyone can buy the NSA’s database tech

Sqrrl Enterprise, a commercial version of the National Security Agency’s Accumulo database technology, is now generally available. As one might expect, it’s all about security and analytics at a massive scale.

Under the covers of the NSA’s big data effort

There’s much debate still to be had over the NSA’s recently uncovered data-collection practices, but some of the technologies underlying them are out in the open. Here’s what we know already.

Yikes: a computer worm that targets the energy industry

More computer malware that targets the energy industry has been found. Are power companies ready for these types of attacks? As the power grid and energy companies embrace digital technology, wireless networks, and big data, they’ll have to also embrace the security tools of the Internet.

Big data startup with NSA roots nets $2M

Sqrrl plans to parlay technology from the Apache Accumulo project, which enables the lock-down of segments of a record, to make big data applications more secure and compliant with government regulations, said CEO Oren Falkowitz, an NSA veteran.