Video: Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus battery charging system

I just took delivery of Samsung’s $40 spare battery charging station for my Galaxy Nexus. The second battery will give me peace of mind in case I run through my first one, but the included dock, or stand, is mediocre at best: take a close look.

More Kickstarter success: PadPivot hitting Best Buy and Future Shop

Kickstarter-backed iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories really seem to have a knack for doing well post-funding, and the PadPivot I reviewed early this month is a perfect example. The PadPivot will be available at Best Buy and Future Shop retail locations beginning in September.

Rokstand Review: An iPhone Stand With Motorsport Roots

An iPhone stand that costs almost as much as an iPhone ($169) will raise a few eyebrows, mine included. Yet, I was simply amazed at what a masterful piece of art and engineering the RokForm folks created with the Rokstand, a mighty marvel of industrial engineering.

Video Review: Griffin Standle for iPad

I’ve long been looking for a decent iPad case that can double as a stand. Enter the Griffin Standle: It’s a stand; it’s a handle; it’s a case. But aside from clever naming, how does it stack up? Check out the video for my full review.

MacBook Accessories: Rain Design mStand


Laptop stands are widely heralded as a great solution for a more ergonomic workstation and better positioning of your computer. They come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from the downright awful to very slick and stylish.

I recently took the plunge and purchased the Rain Design mStand. This particular stand is designed specifically for aluminum MacBook laptops, matching the anodized metal finish wonderfully. Like the latest Apple notebooks, mStand is made from one solid piece of aluminum.

While not the most cost-effective solution (mStand costs $50), it certainly goes a long way towards offering an ergonomic and stylish accessory for any MacBook or MacBook Pro. This review will take a look at the design, stability, ergonomic design and limitations of the stand. Read More about MacBook Accessories: Rain Design mStand

iLap – Keep your lap cool


Let’s be honest, sitting in a chair or on a couch with a laptop sitting directly on your legs is just…painful. After extended periods of time the heat from the laptop just gets uncomfortable for everybody involved.

Previously I’ve just ended up sitting at a table or putting a book or something of the sort under the laptop to help with both the heat and the height so my wrists wouldn’t hurt.

After enduring this for a few weeks I decided it was time for a real solution so I picked up an iLap. The iLap helps raise the laptop a good 3-4 inches at the back so the keyboard is it a comfortable angle while it also keeps things off your lap.

It is made of sandblasted aluminum that matches the look of MacBook Pros and PowerBooks and also helps keep the actual laptop a bit cooler. Along with the aluminum are 2 velvet cushions the make sure the weight of your laptop doesn’t get uncomfortable after prolonged us.

In addition to being good for lap use, you can remove the front cushion and use it on your desk to give a better angle for typing and to give more circulation to keep temperatures down.

Prices range from $49.90 for the 12 inch model up to $69.90 for the 17 inch model and can be purchased here.