Getting an MBA? Should you bother?

The upside of earning a graduate degree in business isn’t what it once was, according to new research by the Financial Times.

We already use Wi-Fi more than cellular; Why not continue the trend?

In terms of mobile data, our smartphones are far more reliant on Wi-Fi. So why are carriers so single-mindedly focused on acquiring new licensed spectrum and building expensive 3G and 4G networks, when they could implement more Wi-Fi and tap into other sources of unlicensed spectrum?

Introducing a farm tech to reduce water and energy needs

As the planet reaches 9 billion people by 2050, technologies that reduce energy and water needs for farming will become increasingly important. A Silicon Valley startup called mOasis is working on materials that can help farmers produce more crops with less energy and water.

Can big data help a family business compete in big medicine?

Startup AgeTak’ s software can help insurance companies and other health organizations bring together dispersed patient data in a secure manner, according to company co-founder Pratik Verma who will pitch AgeTak’s story to venture capitalists at StartX.

Piazza gets $6M Series A to help with college homework

Piazza, the social network that lets college students and instructors discuss material online, has closed on $6 million in a new Series A funding round. Piazza’s service is meant to counteract study group snobbery and eliminate students’ fear of asking “dumb” questions.