The latest research on telecommuting, via video

A few weeks ago we brought you the preliminary results of a Stanford University study into the benefits of telecommuting, suggesting that reluctant bosses might be persuaded on remote work after looking at the findings. Now, one of the authors presents the results via video.

Scientists prove telecommuting is awesome

Stanford University researchers partner with a Chinese travel agency to do a rigorous scientific test of the effects of allowing telecommuting, using a large sample and control group. The results are heartening for fans of remote work and might be enough to convince skeptical bosses.

Wheelz: Car sharing for campuses

The peer-to-peer car sharing space is getting crowded. On Wednesday a startup called Wheelz launched at Stanford University with the idea to bring student-to-student car sharing to campuses.

5 Reasons to Move Your Startup Out of Silicon Valley

All tech startups need just a few ingredients to germinate: sophisticated money; first-rate technology universities; and a few template successes (a Google or a Facebook, and so on) to encourage founders to get off their duffs. Contrary to current wisdom, these ingredients exist in many communities outside of Silicon Valley –- in fact, they always have. Continue Reading.

F|R Interview: Futurist Paul Saffo on How to Do Well in a Recession

We recently spoke with Paul Saffo, the technology forecaster best known for his associations with the The Institute for the Future (which he left earlier this year) and The Long Now Foundation, whose mission is to replace society’s ‘”faster/cheaper mindset” with “slower/better thinking.” Saffo also teaches a course on the future of engineering at Stanford, where he requires students to envision their projects — 30 years from now.

Saffo says a startup must take a long view of its place in the world — even imagine its legacy — if it is to succeed, especially in a recession. And what, in his view, is the best way to achieve this? “Focus on doing good, in addition to doing well.” Read More about F|R Interview: Futurist Paul Saffo on How to Do Well in a Recession