Video: Qualcomm’s Project Gimbal gives your phone contextual smarts

Can your current smartphone be any smarter? Sure it can, if the device knows how to better understand its surroundings with the help of internal sensors. Qualcomm’s Project Gimbal does just that for app developers. Here’s a peek at how Paramount is using the technology.

Get Netflix HD on a Galaxy Nexus and enjoy 720p vids

One of the biggest draws of the Galaxy Nexus is the 4.65-inch high-definition screen; literally a pocketable 720p HDTV display. But some video services still stream standard definition video. Here’s how to get HD video from Netflix on the Nexus and what it looks like.

Vid-Biz: DISH, NBCU, Star Trek

DISH to Pay $5.9M to 46 States; satellite co. dinged with the fee after bad sales practices and numerous consumer complaints. (Consumerist)

NBC Universal had a Bummer of a Second Quarter; revenue was down 8 percent, and profit down 41 percent. (MediaMemo)

Beam Aboard (in an ARG Kinda Way) the Starship Enterprise; special edition DVD and Blu-ray release of Star Trek will use webcams to give users a tour of sections of the ship. (Variety)

Xbox 360 Sales Up Amid Overall Game Depression; bodes well for Microsoft as it transitions the console to more of an entertainment hub via new video features this fall. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Blockbuster: 10 Years, Zero Digital Stategy; Dan Rayburn writes that the movie rental company has been all over the map with different plans, but none have really taken hold. (The Business of Online Video)

Broadcast Interactive Media Gives Cancer Fighters a Platform; those afflicted by the disease can upload content to a number of station sites through the YouNews platform. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Wanted: “Star Trek” Technology for Web Workers

I’m a big fan of “Star Trek,” all the way from the original series to the most recent movie. And I spend more time than I should admit to playing “What if?” games with “Star Trek” technologies, wondering how I’d use each technology if it existed in real life. Lately I’ve started thinking about how the technologies could apply to those of us who make our living online. Here a few of my top uses for “Star Trek” technologies for web workers.


While I love to visit new places, I hate losing an entire day on an airplane while going through the hassle of air travel. The liquid restrictions and all of the rules about what you can and cannot take with you on the airplane can be a real drag for travel in the United States. I want to be able beam directly from my house to my client’s office for all of my business travel. You could beam to the office for a morning of work, beam home for lunch, beam back for the afternoon and beam back home to sleep in your own bed. I’ll bet that I could even find a few spare minutes to beam over to mom’s house for some homemade apple pie! Read More about Wanted: “Star Trek” Technology for Web Workers

Vid-Biz: Safe Eyes, Star Trek, Netbooks Launches Safe Eyes for the iPhone; app lets parent block objectionable content from being seen on kids’ mobile devices. (emailed release)

GoAnimate Adds Star Trek Characters; boldy create an animation no one has ever created before using animated versions of Kirk, Spock and even a few Tribbles. (GoAnimate)

Netbooks to Get HD Video; new version of the Intel Atom chip is being paired with the GN40 chipset that includes hardware-based 720p HD video decoding. (Last100)

Preview Netflix on Windows Mobile Devices; manage your queue and get a peek at movies through the magic of streaming video. (Zatz Not Funny!)

E! to Get Verizon Hub Channel; E! News, Daily 10 and The Soup will get segments on the touch-screen device. (TVWeek)

Older Audiences Drove Hulu Adoption; premium video site initially attracted audiences older than 55 when it first launched. (The Wall Street Journal)

Vid-Biz: UMG, YouTube, Apple Sued

Universal Music Making “Tens of Millions” from YouTube; between YouTube and other streaming sites, company has gone from making nothing on music videos to nearly $100 million today. (CNET)

YouTube Responsible for 25 Percent of All Google Searches in the U.S.; if it was on its own, YouTube would be the second-biggest search engine. (TechCrunch)

EZ4Media Sues Apple Over Apple TV; patent violation suit centers around Apple hiring three employees — Nick Kalayjian, Bruce Edwards and Wendy Goh — a year before the set-top box was introduced. (Information Week)

Gay Star Trek Episode Goes Online; long-buried script originally written (but rejected) for Star Trek: The Next Generation revived, updated and turned into a fan film webisode. (io9)

ManiaTV Launches BarBeQuay; new web series starring Jonah Ray is a talk show that takes place at parties he throws where the guests answer questions through comedic performances. (MediaWeek)

Zwick and Herskovitz Still Planning quarterlife Season 2; Herskovitz says a series needs 1 million viewers per episode to erase the divide between Internet and TV. (Variety)