GigaOM Euro 20: Ones to watch

There are hundreds of promising European startups that lie just below the surface of success waiting to break out. For our second installment of GigaOM’s Euro 20, we chose five of these. Here are the ones to watch.

GigaOM Euro 20: The European startups to watch

For years, Europe’s startup community has been painted as the undernourished younger cousin of Silicon Valley. In reality, Europe’s web scene is now thriving. and we’ve compiled a list featuring some of the best and brightest European web startups — what we’re dubbing the GigaOM Euro 20.

Smartling gets $10M to expand crowdsourced translations

Smartling, a New York City-based start-up focused on enabling websites and apps to go multilingual, has raised $10 million to ramp up its localization tools. The company offers crowdsourcing tools for websites and apps to quickly and easily add additional language support.

Europe’s accelerator bubble is ‘a double-edged sword’

GigaOM readers agree that encouraging European entrepreneurs is vitally important to the long-term health of local startups. But they have differing opinions about the sharp growth of accelerator programs and bootcamps across the continent: will startups end up being fed to the sharks?

TechStars Boston Demo Day highlights health start-ups

TechStars’ Boston class came of age today at their demo day capping off a frenzied three-month program that has produced a strong, business-focused class that was especially memorable for its health component. Here’s a look at a handful of the startups that caught my eye.

Infographic: the new startup ecosystem

Is this Bubble 2.0? This infographic, which Column Five Media did for Udemy, examines the state of startups. Though VCs are doing fewer deals than they were before the recession really took hold in late 2008, the amount of money invested is up to prerecession levels.

Admob Founder’s Digital Gnome & Other Notable Startups at TC Disrupt

Former AdMob Omar Hamoui’s Churn Labs, his first venture after selling mobile ad company to Google for $750 million, was one of the early highlights for TechCrunch Disrupt’s Start-up Battlefield, a showcase for dozens of emerging start-ups. Here is Hamoui’s startup, plus three more.

Young, Experienced Co-Founders Are Key to Success

The key to success in startups is making sure you’re young, experienced and not the only founder. That’s the takeaway from a new survey being conducted by SV Angel of successful startups that have gone on to or are projected to have big exits.

More Money (for Y Combinator) Means More Startups

Y Combinator was already a popular accelerator program for young start-ups, but with Yuri Milner and Ron Conway offering $150,000 to all YC companies, it has boosted applications by 40 percent for the upcoming class, said Harj Taggar, the newest partner at Y Combinator.

TechStars NYC Class Shines at Demo Day

TechStars, the pioneering start-up accelerator, just graduated its first New York class today, introducing a strong and polished class with a lot of promise. Here are some standouts from the class of 12, which introduced themselves at a demo day today.