Wozniak originally skeptical of Jobs’ ability to turn Apple around

Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne spoke to Emily Chang in a combined video interview on Bloomberg TV late Thursday, and the result provides some insight into how Apple got started, Wozniak’s thoughts on the turnaround, and where the company might be headed next.

Infographic: An ode to Steve Jobs

Earlier, I wrote about Steve Jobs’ time as CEO by the numbers, but now here’s a visual look at his time in that role. This infographic presents a history of memorable moments and products in Jobs’ career, as well as a selection of some unforgettable quotes.

Stat shot: Steve Jobs CEO by the numbers

It’s impossible to quantify the effect Steve Jobs has had during his time as CEO of Apple, on computing, the market or our lives, but nonetheless, it’s fun to try. Here are some impressive numbers racked up by Jobs during his tenure.

Tim Cook to Apple employees: “Our best years lie ahead of us”

Tim Cook reassured Apple employees that he’s ready to step up and lead the company to bigger and better things, according to a letter to employees. It Apple is looking forward to Steve Jobs’ continued guidance, and also that the company’s DNA will remain the same.

For signs of Apple’s future, look beyond any one person

Apple and its fans will no doubt feel the loss of Steve Jobs as CEO, but while the man may have been the primary architect and master builder of the company that has sparked multiple computing industry revolutions, he isn’t the lynchpin.

Steve Jobs’ resignation — what the web is saying

Steve Jobs dropped a bombshell on the tech world Wednesday night, when the iconic founder of Apple announced that he was stepping down as CEO of the computer company. Here’s a selection of some of the responses from tech industry and other observers to the news.

Gallery: Steve Jobs throughout the years

Steve Jobs has had a number of ups and downs over the years. Check out this history in magazine covers depicting his dramatic rise, fall and triumphant return to Apple, as well as his product leadership over the last three decades.

Steve Jobs and the sound of silence

Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO leaves a big hole not only for the company, but also for the tech industry. In a time when so many companies focus on short-term decisions, Jobs taught us that real success is in taking the long view.

What will Apple under CEO Tim Cook look like?

It’s a question many in tech have pondered: What would happen to Apple without Steve Jobs as CEO? Now that the iconic businessman and CEO of Apple officially resigned as CEO, we look at how elevating COO Tim Cook to CEO will–and won’t–bring changes.

Encore: Steve Jobs in video

Steve Jobs was the ultimate showman. With the news of Jobs’ resignation from Apple, we’ve collected of some of his best presentations, caught on video for the ages for us to appreciate (and learn from).