Apple engineer shares details on the iPhone’s long birth

More details of how the iPhone came to be by the software engineer that invented “slide to unlock” according to the patent filing. You’d might be surprised by what the Apple team used to simulate the slower speeds of a 2007 smartphone.

And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

A long weekend piece by Wired contributing editor Fred Vogelstein in the New York Times chronicles the unveiling of the very first iPhone(s aapl) during the keynote of MacWorld 2007. Despite a smooth performance day-of, the dirty little secret was that the smartphone really didn’t work. Prone to freezing, dropped calls, and losing internet, the iPhone needed every minute up until its June release date for tinkering, but Steve Jobs required a flawless demo. That seamless, 90-minute presentation has turned into a seminal moment for the smartphone, but the really intriguing story is the tightrope walk to getting there.

The North Face founder: technology has stopped evolution & is destroying the world
Doug Tompkins, founder of The North Face, talks to the Guardian about the negative impact of technology on the planet and why he believes that it might be time for us to dismantle the techno-industrial society. He also shares his thoughts about Steve Jobs, whom Tompkins describes as a friend.