Today in Mobile

Android’s continued dominance is making headlines again thanks to new data from Nielsen, but today’s must-read is this fascinating piece from VentureBeat outlining what could be a revolutinary technology for mobile data. DIDO — or, data input data output — eliminates interference between users sharing the same spectrum, enabling each user to access the full data capacity along with multiple other users. Many are skeptical of the technology, which is outlined in a white paper here. But it’s the brainchild of Steve Perlman, whose bona fides are so impressive that BusinessWeek recently dubbed him “the Edison of Silicon Valley.” DIDO is still in its earliest stages, but it may eventually revolutionize the entire mobile data industry.

Can OnLive Really Overturn the Gaming Industry?

onlive_logoToday everyone who follows the gaming industry is talking about OnLive, an upcoming service incubated by Rearden, the venture company of Web TV Founder Steve Perlman. The system, which streams high-end video games to pretty much any PC, Mac, or TV with a broadband connection, was set to be officially unveiled tonight during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but was pushed out earlier after the embargo on it was broken last night.

But can it really turn the gaming industry upside down, the way so many are predicting (as here, here, and here)? I attended a hands-on demo yesterday, and OnLive performed impressively, quickly delivering top games with a great frame rate, in a way that solves multiple problems plaguing large game publishers, such as piracy and low profit margins via retail sales.
However, even assuming the service works that well when it goes live to consumers this winter, at least three factors could hamper its adoption: Read More about Can OnLive Really Overturn the Gaming Industry?