Stitcher gets political, lets users follow presidential candidates

News and talk radio app Stitcher, is gearing up for the presidential elections with a dedicated election service for users to follow their favorite candidate and get elections news from select sources. The app can even transcribe reports so users can jump to particular topic areas.

Stitcher gets $10M to personalize Internet talk radio

Stitcher, the Pandora of Internet talk radio, has raised $10 million as it capitalizes on the opportunity in non-music streaming radio. The company will use the money to improve the product, enhance the platform for content providers and build out a direct ad sales force.

Stitcher Raises $6M for Streaming Talk Radio

Stitcher, a company that creates personalized talk radio streams (like Pandora but for non-music content), has raised a $6 million Series B round. It’s trying to help people bring audio to their mobile devices and cars, and along the way introduce them to new content.

On the Road to Car 2.0: Ford Opens Up API, for Some

It’s not a complete realization of the Car 2.0 concept — the intertwining of vehicles, communication networks and the power grid for a smarter, greener transportation system — but it’s a start: Ford Motor (s F) announced Wednesday night at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that it has opened up its Sync platform to let three “trusted partners” hook up their smartphone apps to vehicle controls. In addition to the students at the University of Michigan that Ford announced it was working with last month to develop demo apps, Ford has now partnered with Pandora, OpenBeak and Stitcher.

Doug VanDagens, director of connective services for Ford, told us in an interview this week that the automaker plans to roll out 3-4 Sync-enabled apps (downloaded to cell phones from existing distribution channels, like iTunes, but equipped for control via voice commands in the vehicle and steering wheel buttons) per quarter in 2010.
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