Attention: The social-web IPO window is now closed

A lot of hopes were riding on Facebook having a superstar IPO, including the hopes of venture investors that it would help trigger a wave of interest in other social-web companies, which could then also go public. But now those rosy assumptions are in question.

Clearwire green-lights LTE build by raising $734 million

One day after announcing the final details to its public offering, Clearwire has closed on the stock deal, raising $734 million in equity investment from new investors and principle shareholder Sprint. The next step? Build a big fat LTE network, of course.

Clearwire closing in on the magic LTE investment number

Clearwire is raising another $52.5 million in its public offering. That’s hardly big money in the world of telecom finance, but it happens to be the exact amount Clearwire needs to reach its $400 million target, triggering an investment by Sprint and kickstarting its LTE rollout.