Carbonite’s IPO shows the tough keep going

The online backup provider Carbonite priced its initial public offering last night despite the turmoil in the financial markets. And yes, it priced at $10 per share on the low end of its expectations, but it did make it out.

Groupon: Doomed to Fail or Worth a Leap? A Twitter Debate

Among those debating the value of Groupon as it filed for its hotly-awaited initial public offering were two startup entrepreneurs — 37signals partner David Heinemeier Hansson, who argued it is doomed to fail, and SimpleGeo founder Joe Stump, who looked on the bright side.

Someone Is Trading Stocks Based on Your Tweets

Stock traders and hedge funds can’t predict the future yet, but they are doing their best to come as close as possible, and that involves crunching every bit of data they can get their hands on — up to and including that tweet you just posted.

A Safari User’s Switch to Chrome

I’ve used Safari as my default browser since 2008, but lately I’ve decided to give Google Chrome a shot at becoming my new standby. I made the switch owing to Chrome’s reported performance advantages. Would they prove convincing enough to make the change permanent?

First Solar Beats on Revenue, Profit But Margins Slump

First Solar (s fslr) posted stronger than expected revenue and profit in the final quarter of 2010, defying some of the bearishness that had hounded the stock in recent months and suggesting that the company is managing its way through a time of rising competition from more efficient solar modules. But weaker margins and unchanged guidance are giving some investors pause.