Data isn’t just the new oil, it’s the new money. Ask Zoë Keating

In the fight about royalties from streaming media services like Pandora, Popular cellist Zoë Keating says she’s willing to give up the money in exchange for data. It’s an idea that’s gaining traction elsewhere, too, as more companies are paying consumers for their truly valuable data.

Cisco sees the mobile future and it’s in streaming

Cisco has read the mobile data tea leaves again, and it predicts that next year the global population of mobile users will switch to streaming the majority of their content from “the cloud.” This will represent a shift from downloaded and sideloaded content.

Lovefilm lands on LG, Roku up next

U.K. Netflix clone Lovefilm just announced an app for LG’s smart TV’s, and the company is also getting ready to launch on Roku’s media streamer once the device becomes available to Britons. Details on the Roku app are scarce, but it could launch in early February.

Akamai seeks to bring UltraViolet to every device

Akamai is rolling out new capabilities to its HD Network for video distribution that will make it even easier for content owners to securely distribute content to nearly any device. Targeting new UltraViolet services, Akamai hopes to simplify distribution while adding more security features for customers.

Getting the most out of your gift: Roku edition

Got a Roku media streamer as a gift this holiday season? Then check out this guide for some essential tips on how to set it up, what content to watch, how to get additional channels not listed in the Roku store, and what accessories to buy.

Plex app approved for Nook Color and Nook Tablet

Good news for fans of streaming media who also like low-cost tablets: Plex has ben approved for sale in the Barnes & Noble Nook Store. The app should be downloadable for Nook Tablet and Nook Color users sometime within the next 24 hours, according to Plex.

VidScale aims to make TV Everywhere better

VidScale wants to make more efficient use of existing infrastructure, by introducing content delivery network and transparent caching technology into their networks. It’s been chosen by Avail-TVN, which is helping network operators to roll out TV Everywhere services and offer more streaming content to users.