Music’s new mixtape business model

Whether sold track by track or offered as a service, unbundled music has never generated the level of revenue or profit produced when music was only sold in bundles,

Google acquires customized playlist service Songza

Google has acquired the curated playlist site Songza. Songza stands apart from services like Spotify and Pandora by offering human-curated playlists for various moods and activities, with no ads.

Searching for a viable business model in streaming music

The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing antiquated antitrust rules in a move that might eventually lead to higher licensing rates for streaming music providers. Even if those rates aren’t increased, though, online music is at a crossroads.

Fixing the price of music

Media businesses have long operated from the premise of inherent value — that each media property has some fixed and immutable appeal based on its particular inputs.

Spotify acquires The Echo Nest and its musical smarts

Streaming music service Spotify has acquired The Echo Nest and its graph of musical data spanning more than 35 million songs and 2 million artists. It’s an easy way for Spotify to match companies like Google and Pandora on the data science front.

Samsung set to milk music streaming?

New trademark filings suggest Samsung has its eyes on building its in-house Tizen operating system into a full blown device-and-content ecosystem along the lines of iOS/iTunes and Android/Google Play.