The IAWTV Awards nominees mix up the professional and independent

The IAWTV hit a major milestone in its evolution this week with the announcement of the first-ever nominees for the IAWTV Awards, honoring excellence in web video content and representing the web series world with a strong mix of independent and professionally-produced content.

Will the web series world support the new Streamy Awards?

The Streamy Awards are returning for a third round sometime in 2012, thanks to a partnership with Dick Clark Productions, which wants to build the show into a franchise honoring web content. But after the failure of the 2010 awards, will the Streamys be welcomed back?

Tubefilter’s Baldwin: ‘There… Will Be a Streamys 2011’

The IAWTV announced on Tuesday that they would not be continuing to partner with the Streamy Awards, a for-profit annual event owned by the principals of Tubefilter. Here, Tubefilter co-founder Drew Baldwin answered questions about the decision and where the Streamys are heading next.

How The Webventures of Justin & Alden Survived the Streamy Awards

This branded series sponsored by Trident ran into a major roadblock given that it was constructed around the second annual Streamy Awards, which, um, didn’t go so well. Here, producer Wilson Cleveland explains what happened behind the scenes to keep the show alive.

Stats: Sports and the Streamys Have Sweet April

Data provided by ScanScout from April indicates that when a state’s home team gets into the playoffs, sports video viewing there will spike. And while this year’s Streamy Awards were general considered a disaster, they were a much-watched disaster.

The IAWTV Is Figuring Out What It Wants To Be When It Grows Up

The current status of the International Association for Web Television and the potential relationship between the not-yet-officially-a-nonprofit organization and the for-profit Streamy Awards dominated Wednesday night’s town hall meeting.

#CelebrateTheWeb Changes The Post-Streamys Conversation

Four days following the 2010 Streamy Awards, Tubefilter Associate Editor Jenni Powell and Guild producer Kim Evey put together a “do-over” for those who thought that Sunday night’s ceremony didn’t properly represent the spirit of web video.