Structure Video: The State of The Cloud, Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels

At our Structure 2010 conference, Amazon CTO Werner Vogel delivered his the State of the cloud speech. He argued that cloud computing came of age in 2010, as companies transitioned from using cloud for some trial projects to full blown applications. Watch the video!

Four Key Takeaways from Structure 2010

Last year, the Structure conference confirmed my beliefs that the community had moved beyond asking what cloud computing is, and was moving toward asking how users can best leverage it. This year, I learned even more.

That 3D-TV Rush? Don’t Hold Your Breath

The idea that 3-D content is going to become widespread within the next few years thanks to Hollywood and sporting events isn’t likely, according to Paul Sagan, the CEO of Akamai. He said he’s more concerned about mobile traffic than 3-D traffic at this point.

Today in Cleantech

Structure 2010 may have been the realm of big data and cloud computing, but there was also a solid undercurrent of green IT. I wrote about some of the interesting themes (and opportunities) to emerge from Stacey Higginbotham’s panel on Wednesday, called “What Comes After the Blade?”, for this week’s update (sub req’d), but I also encourage you to check out Om Malik’s discussion with Facebook’s VP of Technical Operations, Jonathan Heiliger for some great views on efficient data center tech.  Also, be sure to watch the exascale computing panel, which touches upon the challenges of powering the massive systems that will carry us to a big data processing future. Better yet, just point your browser to GigaOM TV’s Structure 2010 video library (Day 1, Day 2) and enjoy hours upon hours of insights from today’s top cloud innovators. See, now you have something to do this weekend.

Structure 2010: Hardware for a Power Hungry Cloud

Soon, cloud providers will be struggling to squeeze more computing out of the power they have on hand. Let’s look at two themes to emerge from Structure 2010 that can help IT vendors cater to their data center energy efficiency needs.

Structure 2010: Intel vs. the Homogeneous Cloud

Hey guys, we should really work together, was Intel’s message at Structure 2010 in San Francisco, where GM of high density computing Jason Waxman correctly identified himself as the elephant in the room (something at least one panelist had called Intel earlier in the conference).

Structure 2010: How Does a Company Scale in Real Time?

Network engineers from Yahoo, Facebook, PayPal and Zynga said that startups and other companies need to think about how they are going to scale their infrastructure as they grow. However, they also said companies need to recognize their predictions will probably turn out to be wrong.