Why VMware bought Nicira? Two videos to watch

VMware is paying a whopping $1.26 billion for Nicira Networks in an attempt to get a piece of the emerging markets – software defined networks and software defined data centers. Two video from our Structure conference archives get you upto speed on those two trends.

PaaS providers, ThroughPuter wants to parallelize your cloud

A startup called ThroughPuter has a message for the world’s cloud computing providers: Come talk to us, we can make your cloud fly for serious applications. The company has built a hardware platform designed from ground up to run parallel-processing applications in a multitenant environment.

As clouds multiply, ComputeNext, a cloud marketplace, emerges

The founders of ComputeNext had a simple idea – soon there would be growing number of cloud service providers, and as more cloud services came online the marketplace would become rife with inefficiency. So they started ComputeNext and launched at our Structure event.

GarantiaData and the lure of infinite scalability

Many popular sites use memcached and/or Redis as part of their back-end infrastructure. Both technologies are popular ways to store data that needs to be easily accessible, and both require compromises. GarantiaData, a Tel Aviv-based startup wants to eliminate some of those compromises.

Cluttr dials down data center energy on demand

Data centers don’t have to be powered by a solar farm to be smart about their energy consumption — often times it’s the far less glamorous choices that can lead to energy savings. Those are the choices that Belgian startup Cluttr is helping data center operators make.

Cirro makes big data manageable with smart set of tools

For companies looking for easier solutions for managing big data, Cirro offers an interesting set of products that allow non-technical analysts to manage large sets of data and access them through basic desktop applications like Microsoft Excel. Their mission is to “bring big data to the desktop.”

Stormpath wants to add plug-and-play security to your cloud

Running a business that stores data in the cloud is becoming popular, but many of the security aspects of a large user base are things that companies still want to do on their own. Stormpath, which won the “people’s choice” award during the Launchpad competition at GigaOM’s Structure conference, was founded to solve that problem.