Building a Better Starbucks With Big Data

Data isn’t the solution to business problems. Pulling data into applications and using it to make decisions and improve the user experience is the way to solve business problems said Jim Baum, the CEO of Netezza, at Structure Big Data.

Big Data Is Not Just for Eggheads

Being able to process and understand big data has enabled new business models to emerge. But for the next generation of applications to flourish, EMC CTO Luke Lonergren says that data will need to be accessible even to folks that aren’t necessarily data scientists.

How Space-Time Makes Sense of Big Data

As the amount of captured data grows, how can businesses make more sense of it, use it for accurate predictions and better understand their customers? The answer may lie in the world of physics: the concept of space-time paired with data improves predictions through context.

Data Science: The 3 Elements of Big Data

Joyent Founder and Chief Scientist Jason Hoffman redefined the concept of big data in a panel on data science with Chief Scientist Hilary Mason, Cloudscale Founder and CEO Bill McColl, Fluidinfo Founder and CEO Terry Jones, and nPario President and CEO Bassel Ojjeh.

Can HP Actually Deliver on its Grand Cloud Vision?

Yesterday, HP CEO Leo Apotheker laid out his vision for the company’s cloud computing future, but given HP’s all-but-non-existent cloud strategy until this point, it’s difficult to believe the company can be a real competitor until it actually starts to deliver what Apotheker is promising.

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