Today in Cloud

I continue to watch the Data Marketplace trend with interest, and touched on some of the issues in two¬†weekly updates here on GigaOM Pro last month. Two marketplaces with very different perspectives are those from Infochimps and Microsoft. I’ve spoken separately with Microsoft’s Moe Khosravy and Infochimps’ Flip Kromer, and even recorded one of my early conversations with Flip as a podcast. At last week’s Structure Big Data, Stacey Higginbotham was lucky enough to get them both together on stage for a chat. Clearly aiming high, Flip’s response to a question about the data marketplace opportunity was to suggest “We’re the next Google.” It’s easy to dismiss such a flippant remark as hubris, but it would also be unwise to underestimate the scale of this opportunity. Infochimps, Microsoft, and a host of others are racing to stake out their part of the emerging data web, and to make sure their share is as big as possible.