7 things we learned at Structure Europe

Facebook’s breaking up with hardware OEMs, Europeans distrust the cloud and it’s anyone’s guess whether there will be an Amazon of Europe. Those were among the key takeaways from the first-ever Structure Europe event in Amsterdam last week.

Wither the hard drive? Facebook’s secret plans for flash memory

Facebook is planning to rely more on flash drives in places where most companies have used spinning disk, and based on conversations with sources and hints from Facebook, I think one of those places will be in Facebook’s cold-storage photo facility it’s building in Oregon.

Getting to grips with big data’s challenges

Analytics is not a new field, but its evolution into ‘big data’ shows how much of a growth industry it is. That means facing up to issues such as the need for talent and good models.

Storing big data in the cloud is easy — getting it there is hard

The cloud is a great thing when it comes to storing large quantities of data, but getting it into and out of cloud-storage services can be difficult. Technologies that speed that process up can allow for new uses of that data, says Aspera CEO Michelle Munson.

Don’t put all your eggs in one cloud

Managing cloud app-hosting services when many different locations and installations are involved can be a tricky exercise. Julian Coulon of Cedexis has some tips and tricks.

Wanted: Shiny, happy APIs (with a business rationale)

API love is all fine and dandy. But successful application programming interfaces should have a real — and measurable — business value, according to API experts speaking at GigaOM Structure Europe on Wednesday.

Even tiny tweets can be big data

Datasift, the UK company that has access to the Twitter firehose analyzes petabytes of tweets and ships terabytes of insights around the world. And the infrastructure needs to keep up. That and dark social were topics of interest today at Structure:Europe.