How useless is email? Two new studies weigh in

Email overload is the bane of knowledge workers’ existence everywhere, as well as the impetus for numerous startups trying to perfect alternate collaboration platforms. But exactly how much inbox junk do we waste our time processing? Two new studies paint a grim picture.

Study: For Many, Apps Lack Staying Power on iPhone

onioiniphoneappsResults of a recent study by Pinch Media were released (and poked fun at by The Onion) and reveal that users of iPhone/iPod touch apps lose interest quickly. Our own Om Malik actually pointed this out just a month after the App Store launched, and it seemingly continues to hold true today. But how relevant are these findings? I submit that the study is more a commentary on the design of the App Store than the apps that people are loading their iPhones with.

The study says that people lose interest in free applications more often than paid. Well duh! I’ve got nothing vested in a free application, so if it doesn’t hit the mark for me, why continue using it? I’m much more likely to give an app I paid for the proverbial college try before abandoning it and feeling like I wasted money. This is all common sense so far. Read More about Study: For Many, Apps Lack Staying Power on iPhone