Futureful plots smarter StumbleUpon for the iPad

Backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, Futureful is a content discovery tool that’s not dissimilar to StumbleUpon, only more heavily based on semantic tagging and machine learning. It’s due to launch in the U.S. in January.

5 ideas to help everyone make the most of big data

I spent two days last week watching experts on big data and data science discuss how their companies are building businesses around data, or at least rethinking how they do business. Although most came from the web, these five ideas should matter across industries.

StumbleUpon gets a makeover: New design, new logo, new features

StumbleUpon has undergone a major makeover. On Tuesday the company will unveil a totally redesigned website, a complete rebrand, and a new “channels” feature. It’s the most comprehensive redesign the company’s ever undertaken, CEO Garrett Camp said: “Finally, our front-end is as good as our back-end.”

StumbleUpon shutting down photo blogs, themes, groups Oct. 24

Social discovery platform StumbleUpon says it’s cutting back on the ability of users to blog and customize their profiles on the site. That includes shutting down groups, photo blogging, and the ability to select themes, which are all going away as of Oct. 24.

StumbleUpon’s new Explore Box lets you stumble with purpose

Since its inception, StumbleUpon has worked pretty much as the name advertised, allowing you to stumble upon cool things on the web, rather than through explicit web searches. But a new “Explore Box” expands StumbleUpon’s offering significantly, bringing the app more search engine-like specificity.