Vid-Biz: RCN-TiVo, DVR Ad Skipping, STV

RCN to Expand TiVo ‘Premiere’ Rollout; RCN is beginning to market TiVo’s new Premiere box as its primary DVR in and around Washington, D.C., and it plans to expand the rollout to New York and other cities soon. (Light Reading Cable)

Half of Flat Panel TVs to Ship With an Internet Connection in 2013; according to new forecasts from ABI Research, the estimated 19 percent of flat panel TVs shipping with Internet connectivity in 2010 will grow to 46 percent in 2013. (DigiTimes)

Study: TiVo Doesn’t Hurt TV Advertising; a Duke University researcher says that the ability to skip through ads has had no effect on buying behavior and that not as many people fast-forward through television commercials as originally feared. (Triangle Business Journal)

Canonical Clarifies its H.264 License; if a user downloads Ubuntu and installs it themselves, then no MPEG-LA licence is included, but OEMs have the option to obtain the rights to include products and licenses for a number of proprietary packages, including H.264. (The H Online)

STV Launches an iPhone App; the holder of the ITV regional license in Scotland has launched an app for iPhone users that will give users instant access to news, sports and video content no matter where they are. (Tech Watch)

Super-Size Boxee Box Spotted in the Wild; special nurturing from one Israeli researcher has caused one Boxee Box to grow to five times its normal size. (Boxee blog)