Should Netflix buy Spotify?

Netflix wants to sell you and all-you-can-eat subscription plan for movies and TV shows, Spotify wants you to pay a flat monthly fee for music. What if the two companies joined forces and used each other’s strength to grow their markets?

Spotify, MOG demonstrate digital music flux

If the on-demand music streamer Spotify is worth $3 to $4 billion, why is MOG, a similar if much smaller service, reportedly being sold for $14 million? The digital music industry is in flux, but it’s showing positive signs of growth. Are those two players really so different?

Patching the cord

In just the past few weeks, Barry Diller-backed Aereo launched a subscriptions streaming service in New York City, Cisco bought NDS for $5 billion, word leaked of Intel’s plans to create a nationwide virtual cable TV service and Netflix began chatting up cable operators about addings its channel to their old-fashion, through-the-cord TV subscription services. While varied in their particulars, what all those moves represent is a big-money bets on the future of bundled TV subscriptions, and at least a tacit acknowledgment of the limits of a la carte distribution.

Spotify reportedly launching in Germany by mid-March

Spotify is launching in Germany within the next two weeks, according to German media reports. The streaming service already has an office in Berlin. It also recently hired a PR rep for the country, which in the past has been a difficult market for music services.

The rise of the subscription commerce startup

A number of companies are emerging to build businesses with recurring revenue streams based on serving up monthly packages of food, beauty, clothing and other products. The so-called subscription commerce market is expanding rapidly — but what’s behind the trend, and why are consumers signing up?

What’s next for Spotify: The ultimate rumor guide

What’s next for Spotify: An MP3 download store, a commercial API that could empower developers to bring the service’s music everywhere, music playback without the need to download any software – or maybe just an iPad app? Read all about the rumors ahead of Wednesday’s press conference.

Where Netflix wants to go next: India, Korea, Japan?

Netflix will launch in the U.K. and Ireland early next year, but where is it going after that? A recent job offer revealed a number of candidates, including countries like Korea, Germany, Russia and France. Now all Netflix needs is profits to make those plans happen.

Jason Kilar: Hulu Plus is becoming major money maker

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar thinks that Hulu Plus will bring in more than half of his company’s revenue within the next 12 months. Kilar made these predictions as part of his traditional quarterly report, which he also used to announce a content partnership with Univision.