Fixing the price of music

Media businesses have long operated from the premise of inherent value — that each media property has some fixed and immutable appeal based on its particular inputs.

TV not going anywhere

Perhaps the toughest finding for pay-TV providers in the Digitalsmiths survey is that the most prominent reasons respondents cited for preferring OTT and third-party services are not things operators can do much about.

The Amazon newsstand

Amazon knows far more about its customers than most magazine publishers know about their readers, and more than most direct marketers know about the lists they’re targeting.

Bundles of joy

A report released by Needham & Co. senior entertainment and internet analyst Laura Martin argues not only that the current, multichannel pay-TV bundle is a good deal for consumers but that eliminating it by offering channels ala carte would be catastrophic for the TV ecosystem.

Apple and ad-skipping

Lots of TV viewers skip ads now; all that’s needed is a DVR. So it’s hard to see why that capability would be considered a “premium” feature.

Shotgun wedding on the set-top

As viewers rely on a growing number of screens and devices for consuming video, the source of the programming becomes ever-less relevant to the experience of watching it, particularly as OTT services like Netflix become a more important source of original programming.