Thought of the Day: ‘Yes, you can!’

Entrepreneurs often find inspiration in political leaders — as many of you did last week with our Churchill quotation. The effective ones have the ability to motivate us beyond any single set of circumstances, and over time.

When I read the latest excerpt from Sen. Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in South Carolina, where he won the Democratic primary on Saturday, I found myself replacing certain words in his text such as: ‘country’ or ‘South Carolina’ with ‘company’ or ‘project’; and ‘American people’ with ‘entrepreneur.’

It was a very natural — almost automatic — thing to do, a measure of how resonant Obama’s message can be — universal enough to be as applicable in a business framework, as it was when he spoke about race relations and health care reform to the throngs in attendance the other night.

Obama is talking about the very same ambition you pursue every day as a founder: to create something greater that what was there before you started — against the odds.

…in the end, we’re not up just against the ingrained and destructive habits… We’re also struggling with our own doubts, our own fears, our own cynicism. The change we seek has always required great struggle and great sacrifice. And so this is a battle in our own hearts and minds about what kind of [enterprise] we want and how hard we’re willing to work for it. Read More about Thought of the Day: ‘Yes, you can!’

Quote of the Day: ‘Nothing succeeds like success’

I just heard Barack Obama interviewed by Gwen Ifill of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. You can guess what they talked about. Gwen asked him to to explain the fervor and depth of his new momentum in New Hampshire. (He is now leading by double digits there, and caucus pollsters expect record turnout tomorrow, as in Iowa on Thursday.)
Obama responded with ease:

“Well, Gwen, nothing succeeds like success.”

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HTC wants to reach out and Touch you

Htc_touch_2 HTC is making some of the coolest mobile devices around, from the Advantage, a Windows Mobile device to the Shift UMPC.  Today they are announcing the launch of the Touch, a Windows Mobile 6 Pro (Phone Edition) phone that uses a very iPhone-like touch interface.  The Touch is about the size of the iPhone, coming in 2.6 mm thicker, 15 mm shorter, 3 mm narrower and 23 grams lighter.  Here are the basic features of the HTC Touch:

Leveraging the broad functionality of Windows Mobile 6 Professional, the HTC Touch™ includes Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile, Windows Live and the capabilities to run thousands of third-party applications. Users can surf the web with Internet Explorer®, send and receive emails, chat on Messenger and send files to their own web space through Windows Live®. Other HTC Touch™ details include:
•    Dimensions: 99.9mm (L) x 58mm (W) x 13.9mm (T)
•    Weight: 112g with battery
•    1GB microSD storage card included / 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM
•    2.8’’ LCD touch screen with backlight, 240 x 320 dots resolution with 65,536 colours
•    Battery Life: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh
•    Standby time: Up to 200 / Talk time: Up to 5 hours
•    Camera: 2.0 mega-pixel CMOS colour camera
•    Windows Mobile 6 Professional with Direct Push Email and HTML email support
•    Wireless Connectivity: GSM/GPRS/EDGE Tri-band: 900, 1800,1900, Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth® 2.0
•    Choice of two colors at launch – elegant soft black or alluring wasabi green

The Touch is available in the UK now and will be released in Asia and the rest of Europe later this month.  US and Latin American availability is expected in the last half of this year.  Let’s hope the the 850 band will make it into the US version. 

The TouchFLO interface is manipulated by swiping the finger either up and down or left and right on the screen to make different things happen.  Here’s how HTC describes the new interface:

The HTC Touch is the first device to feature TouchFLO™, the new underlying touch screen technology developed by HTC. Consumers simply sweep their finger up the display to launch an animated, three-dimensional interface comprising three screens: Contacts, Media and Applications. The interface can be spun by swiping a finger right or left across the display, providing efficient access to the features consumers use most. TouchFLO™ also enhances finger touch scrolling and browsing of Web pages, documents, messages and contact lists.

Sounds a lot like the iPhone, doesn’t it?  According to HTC the Touch interface will distinguish between a fingertip touch and a stylus touch and do different things accordingly.  No word on pricing has been given yet.

Big Apple To Bet Big on Broadband

“If New York City is to maintain its role as a world center of finance, communications, and culture, we have to extend access to broadband communications to all, as well as continuously improve the reliability of our telecommunications networks and take advantage of emerging technologies,” says New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, who announced the Telecom & Economic Developement in New York City: A Plan for Action. A joint project of NYC Economic Development Council, Dept of Information Technology & Telecommunications and Dept of Small Business Services, the plan is to roll out broadband in all five boroughs of New York, including areas like Hunts Point, Bronx, and Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The plan involves building a new fiber loop, wireless networks in downtown NYC and also building wireless nets for commercial and government purposes. Hopefully, my favorite city in the world will become the most broadband enabled one as well! More details here, while the copy of the plan can be downloaded from here: