Dish to TV nets: We pay you, so our customers can skip your ads

On Friday, activity around Dish’s highly controversial “AutoHop” feature was, well, hopping. Not only did NBC and CBS join Fox in the court battle against the satellite TV service, but Dish issued a testy response. Oh, and a backlash is forming against the networks.

Apple legal briefs: Lodsys stalls and Samsung barred from peeking

Lodsys wants more time to address the request by Apple to intervene in its court proceedings against seven small app developers, in the ongoing saga of in-app purchasing patents. Also, Samsung doesn’t get early access to Apple gear, a judge has ruled.

Suit Claims Apple Knew About iPhone 3G Issues With iOS 4

A new class action suit accuses Apple of intentionally hamstringing the iPhone 3G with iOS 4 to boost iPhone 4 sales. The update seriously affected performance on the 3G, making it sluggish and unreliable. iOS 4.1 helped alleviate the problem, but didn’t fix it.

Surprise! HTC Doesn’t Agree With Apple Regarding Suit

HTC has finally spoken out regarding the pending lawsuit Apple (s aapl) launched against the smartphone maker regarding its use of multi-touch as an interface navigation mechanism, and around 20 other technologies. It should surprise absolutely no one that the Taiwanese company doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the iPhone maker regarding the appropriateness of its use of the tech.

HTC CEO Peter Chou released a statement Wednesday addressing the recently filed suit directly. According to Chou, as quoted by InformationWeek, “HTC disagrees with Apple’s actions and will fully defend itself.” HTC’s stance, like that of Apple, is that it respects and values healthy competition and innovation. Of course, that shared premise leads both companies to quite different conclusions. Read More about Surprise! HTC Doesn’t Agree With Apple Regarding Suit

Apple Dealt $21.7 Million Judgement for Violating Chip Patent

In a decision made final last week, Apple (s aapl) was ordered to pay out $27.1 million to OPTi, a semiconductor company that now deals only in licensing its intellectual property. The decision came down from Eastern District of Texas court judge Chad Everingham, and it is a penalty for patent infringement on Apple’s part.

The lawsuit, filed in January 2007 and tried before the court in April of this year, centered around the accusation by OPTi that Apple had violated a patent Opti held detailing “Predictive Snooping of Cache Memory for Master-Initiated Accesses.” I had no idea what it meant, either. Read More about Apple Dealt $21.7 Million Judgement for Violating Chip Patent

Papermaster Can Begin Work, IBM Can Begin Looking Over His Shoulder


I touched on this development yesterday, but it merits closer attention. The name Papermaster, once associated with the guy in the army who was in charge of all the stationery (I assume), is now famous in the Apple (s aapl) and tech community for calling attention to the sensitive nature of switching jobs in Silicon Valley.

After announcing his leave from IBM (s ibm), where he was a top executive working on IBM’s microprocessor technology, and his decision to accept a position with Apple as iPod chief Tony Faddel’s replacement, IBM decided to initiate legal proceedings to block the move, citing their non-compete agreement, and the potential threat to company IP the move represented.
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