Twitter tiptoes further into the media business

Twitter describes itself as an information network rather than a media entity, but it is making some interesting moves into the content business, including hiring a sports producer to curate content and sending out a weekly email of highlighted content. How far will it go?

Rewind: This week’s 11 must read stories

What a week! Web took to activism and pushed back SOPA & PIPA; Kodak filed for bankruptcy & MegaUpload got busted. With the week wrapped up, here are some of the posts from our team that I highly recommend you give a read., Percolate vie for Summify users after Twitter buy

Summify’s sale to Twitter this week was good news for the startup, but bad news for many of its users, who expressed frustration that the news aggregation service would be mothballed post-deal. But startups and Percolate are now vying to take on Summify’s users.

Twitter acquisition confirms that curation is the future

Twitter’s purchase of Summify, which delivered an email summary of interesting links from a user’s social networks, shows Twitter is trying to get smarter about how it filters the flood of information users are exposed to. It’s a challenge that’s only going to grow.