Talking Torrents

The Broadband Daily: James Enck talks to Gary Lerhaupt, the developer of Torrentocracy, the fusion of BitTorrent with open-source PVR, and more recently, Prodigem, a web-based, largely idiot-proof system for allowing independent content creators to create hosted torrents. He created one in less time that it takes me to smoke a Dunhill.

Slow news day It is

Slow news day
It is proving to be slow day today and looks like blogging will be in second gear today as well.
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Diesel ebooks has multi-format ebooks

Diesel_ebooks I love reading books on both my Pocket PC and the Sony U-70, but I usually do my reading on the Pocket PC.  It is just more convenient due to its small size and light weight.  I have been reading ebooks almost exclusively for several years and can’t remember the last book made from dead trees I have read with the exception of a very few technical books not available in electronic versions.  My reader of choice on both platforms is eReader, formerly the Palm Reader.  I love the simple interface and I especially love the unobtrusive DRM the uses.

Another good site for purchasing ebooks is Fictionwise where I shop from time to time but recently I discovered another source for ebooks that I really like.  Diesel ebooks has a selection of over 35,000 ebooks and the web site is very clean and simple to navigate.  All books are categorized in an intelligent method and their web site is just a joy to use.  Diesel offers ebooks in three different formats:  MS Reader, Adobe Reader, and Palm eReader format.  Diesel also has a HUGE selection of free ebooks from public domain works so if you are interested in the classics you won’t be disappointed.

Boingo’s Pipe VoIP Dream

Just got off the phone with Boingo Wireless’ President and COO Dave Hagan. The idea was to get a clear sense of what was the real deal with Boingo-Vonage relationship. I guess, despite the press releases and all that, it was much ado about nothing. Hagan described it as a marketing partnership. No money changes hand, no revenue share, nothing… nada! “We will co-market their softphone product, along with a Boingo software and you can use VoIP at Boingo hotspots,” he said. In fact the two companies are not going to spend much dollars – they are hoping users will cross promote usage. Of course you can use it on any other hotspot network, but Hagan said it is more than just laptops and PDAs. Cell phones will WiFi will be big, and since they have a global footprint, it will be good for Vonage users. And by the way this is not an exclusive relationship. I wonder, why won’t Boingo rollout its own VoIP service, using someone as a private label supplier. No plans for now, Hagan said. “We are dipping our toes in VoIP waters right now,” he added. In summation, despite all the noise, it looked like a press release effort for two companies to get more buzz! Did the common VC backer, NEA push them to make a lot of noise around it?

Bobby, you got a problem?

Foundry Networks just lost its CTO, Karl Triebes to F5 Networks. What gives? Silicon Valley insiders say that it might be something to do with mercurial ways of founder-CEO Bobby Johnson. Triebes isn’t the only one leaving Foundry. NDCF reports that Jim Brear, Foundry’s VP of Western U.S. sales, has said sayonara to the company. Brear joined the company in April from Force 10 Networks. Some say that Juniper Networks, which has secretly desired a switch maker was considering Foundry, but balked because they did not want to deal with BJ, who is a bit of a maverick!

The Telecom Bus

Arnold Kling notes in the Washington Times how the FCC is being guided into a pro-market stance by it’s chairman, Michael Powell. link via Telepocalypse

While I am not a big fan of Arnold Kling (anyone associated with a certain blog collective is full of hot air) but I found this article quite interesting and I like that someone made a strong argument for Mr. Powell and his policies.