The Groupon for solar looks nationwide

A startup offering Groupon-style group discounts for solar panel roof installations is now looking to connect with potential solar customers nationwide.

Solar Bragging Rights Land On Facebook

SunReports has launched a Facebook app that displays how much power your home solar system is generating. Monitoring solar systems can make sure solar panels are working right, while solar installers are hoping that showing off solar systems via social networks will lead to more sales.

New Hot Market: Using IT to Monitor Solar Water Heaters

It should come as no surprise that the recently launched California incentive program to promote solar water heaters has led to a boom. SunReports, for one, on Wednesday unveiled a package of monitoring device and service for solar hot water systems designed for business customers.

Today in Cleantech

Cleantech startups are in the news today. EcoFactor revealed that the company scored another $3.5 million. SunReports emerged from stealth to debut its Apollo1 device, which provides performance measurements of solar thermal systems and photovoltaic arrays, serving up data on a web-based interface. And PowerSecure, an electrical distribution and smart grid firm, snatched up eight-year-old Innovative Electronics Solutions Lighting to boost its growing LED lighting business. Looks like Q2 2010 is shaping up to continue Q1’s record-breaking momentum

Apple iPad Poll — Are You Buying It?

That mystical unicorn we knew as the Apple (s aapl) tablet is here. But will you be purchasing an Apple iPad? After reviewing all of the specifications and pricing, I’m personally not sure it’s right for me at this point. In fact, I’m thinking this is more of a smartbook than anything else. 😉 Perhaps I’ll change my mind after giving it some thought — and there’s plenty of time for that since the device won’t be shipping for at least 60 days.

That gives us a chance to pick your brains and see if you’re planning to purchase an iPad. Have at it in the poll! And if you’re not yet sure, just see what everyone else is saying in these comments — there’s quite a few interesting opinions there!

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