It’s 2018: Who Owns the Cloud?

Ten years from now, I believe that clouds will be evaluated based on three generic criteria: transactions, user experience and presence. And as with any active market, it’s a safe bet that there will be plenty of companies that best showcase each of them. But which of them will own the cloud?

Solar Financier SunRun Scores a $12M Foundation

The solar supply chain is seeing capital flow all the way down to companies involved in putting panels on your rooftop. Today SunRun, a residential solar financier, raised $12 million in financing from venture firm Foundation Capital. As a “solar financier,” San Francisco-based SunRun sets up agreements to allow homeowners to buy the electricity coming off their roof from a third party that owns the panels (like Akeena Solar, which SunRun partnered with last month) — this arrangement, called a power purchase agreement, helps defer the upfront cost of putting solar panels on homes.

A confluence of events has given residential solar companies, especially in the Bay Area, a huge boost. The local utility PG&E recently notified the state’s Public Utilities Commission that it would be instituting a 4.5 percent rate hike in October and another 2 percent rate increase in January due to the rising cost of natural gas. In addition, the city of San Francisco just signed into law the country’s largest municipal solar incentive program, which is set to dole out $3 million for residential solar, up to $6,000 per rooftop.
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OStatic: Six Free, Open Source Tools for Mac Video Work

The Mac is storied for its ability to handle video, and many web workers are increasingly involved with video editing, using video for marketing purposes, and more. If you’re a Mac user who meets the profile, you probably already own some good video editing and production software. However, there are some really excellent free, open source tools for Mac videographers worth knowing about. We’re covering six of them over on the OStatic blog, dedicated to open source.

Some of the video applications covered in the link above are time-savers, some of them can broadly expand your arsenal of video capabilities, and some of them can help you reach new audiences. Here’s a little more info, below the fold.

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Apple wins lawsuit with Think Secret- we all lose

Rotten_appleWe know how serious Apple protects their upcoming releases and have always been aggressive in going after those who divulge what they feel is too much information about unannounced products.  Earlier this year they sued the long-running Apple rumor site Think Secret for divulging such advance information.  Think Secret, a site that has been in existence since 1999, announced recently that they have settled the suit with Apple and will no longer be publishing.  That’s right, a popular Apple rumor fan site has been shut down by the lawyers in Cupertino for fanning the fanboy flames for Apple.  We all lose in this scenario, what the hell is Apple thinking?

Battle of the Brands

It was only a matter of time before the brand wars broke out between mobile carriers and handset makers. Vodafone wants its logo on the phone, Nokia wants it. Interesting battle brewing between the two, and my feeling is that the carriers completely win. They can “not” buy from Nokia, but Nokia, cannot “not” see to the carriers. Read More @ The Feature.