As Nextel mass exodus begins, Sprint reels customers back in

Sprint saw 1 million Nextel and Boost customers kick their phones to the curb in Q2. But Sprint managed to steer 600,000 of those departing subscribers to CDMA contracts or its prepaid brands. Helped by steady iPhone sales and its MVNO business, Sprint managed to grow.

Sprint: Nextel network will go offline in 13 months

Sprint has officially started the countdown for taking its Nextel iDEN network offline: T minus 13 months and 2 days. Sprint plans to turn off the Nextel network’s key push-to-talk Direct Connect capabilities as soon as June 30, 2013, effectively shutting down all iDEN services.

AT&T starts replacing 2G with HSPA in NYC

It looks like we were right about AT&T sunsetting its 2G networks to make way for more mobile broadband capacity. On Wednesday, Ma Bell announced it would ‘refarm’ PCS spectrum in New York City currently used by its GSM voice networks for “3G and 4G” services.

Sprint replacing Nextel network relic with LTE in 2014

For the last year Sprint has been talking up how it would replace its old Nextel iDEN systems with a shiny new LTE network, but until today it hadn’t revealed when. On Thursday, Sprint network engineering president Steve Elfman provided that critical detail, 2014, FierceWireless reported.