Apple reportedly souring on Samsung, tapping Sharp for iPad 3 displays

Apple’s relationship with Samsung is on the rocks, according to an investor note from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek on Tuesday. Based on a recent trip to Japan and checks with suppliers made during that trip, Jefferies says Sharp is benefitting from the Samsung falling-out.

Good news for Apple as key supplier plant plans to re-open

A plant at one of Apple’s key component suppliers for the MacBook Air that had been forced to shut down will be spending $3 million in order to reopen by November, according to a new report. Catcher is responsible for most of Apple’s unibody computer enclosures.

Apple, Samsung discuss long-term supply relationship

Earlier this week, we heard that Samsung would be responsible for the production of Apple’s A6 processor, and now there’s confirmation that executives of the two companies have sat down to talk about their supply-side relationship. Both appear interested in continuing those arrangements.

Apple intent on diversifying suppliers with Sharp investment

Apple intends to invest in a Sharp plant in order to bring the Japanese company aboard as an LCD supplier for iPhone and iPad manufacturing, according to sources. If accurate, this is only the latest sign that Apple is looking to distance itself from Samsung.

Next iPhone to Have Curved Glass Screen?

The next iPhone will have a curved glass display, according to DigiTimes, which learned the information from sources in the supply chain. Apple is said to have acquired between 200 and 300 glass cutting machines for glass making partners in order to produce the displays.

Explosion Reported at Foxconn iPad Production Plant

Multiple news sources are reporting an explosion at a Foxconn Chengdu manufacturing plant primarily responsible for iPad 2 production. So far, six men and one woman have been reported as injured (two seriously) as a result of the blast, according to MICgadget.

iPad 2 Coming to 13 More Countries — Supply Nearing Demand?

The iPad 2 is coming to 12 more countries this week, and China next Friday, according to Apple. New countries getting the second-generation Apple tablet include Japan on Thursday, April 28 and Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and eight other countries on Friday, April 29.

Apple’s New Samsung Deal Could Keep Competitor Prices High

Apple is reportedly poised to strike a deal with Samsung that will see its sometime competitor supply it with $7.8 billion worth of LCD panels, mobile processors, and NAND flash memory. Here’s why it makes sense for Apple to work closely with its tablet rival.

More Evidence for a Touchscreen iMac Emerges

More and more often, I’ll reach out and touch my iMac’s display, only to remember that no, it isn’t like my iPad, and touching the screen accomplishes nothing besides fingerprints. That may change soon, if a new report by DigiTimes proves accurate.

Apple Supplier Audit Reveals Child Labor, More Violations

Apple (s aapl) has been criticized in the past for not doing enough to ensure that labor conditions in its supplier factories were up to international humanitarian standards. Today, it released its 2010 Supplier Responsibility report (PDF), in which it provides the details of audits it conducts at those supplier facilities, in order to gauge the degree to which violations are or aren’t taking place.

This time around, the report details no less than 17 violations at its supplier facilities, and more than a few of them are fairly serious indeed. Underage worker serious, in fact. Apple’s inspectors found that 11 employees were employed prior to being of legal working age in the countries in question. Read More about Apple Supplier Audit Reveals Child Labor, More Violations