Why carriers need to treat developers more like partners

“Operators treat partners like vendors.” That quote comes form Google director of global android partnerships John Lagerling, who said it at a Dublin conference where it was captured by Light Reading. It’s a telling statement — one that sums up a big problem facing the wireless industry.

iPhone 4S teardown reveals 512 MB of RAM, more

Apple repair site iFixit has already managed to secure an iPhone 4S and pulled it apart. Details of what’s inside reveal a design that’s fairly similar to its predecessor, as you might expect from the outside appearance of the 4S, but also show some noteworthy changes.

Report: iPhone 5 production hits 150K per day as launch nears

Apple’s suppliers are gearing up for the iPhone 5’s launch, according to supply-side sources speaking to DigiTimes on Thursday. Foxconn, Apple’s final assembler of iPhone devices, is currently putting together 150,000 handsets per day, with a goal of shipping 5-6 million iPhone 5s in September.

Apple suppliers singled out as cause of environmental damage

A report released Wednesday morning by a group of Chinese watchdog groups criticizes Apple for using suppliers that consistently threaten the environment and the health of their workers. It will be interesting to see if calls for greater transparency are answered, given Apple’s generally secretive tendencies.

Supply chain sources point to high holiday expectations for iPhone 5

Apple is increasing its iPhone orders for the second half of 2011, according to sources within the company’s supply chain. Order volume has been adjusted upward by 15 percent to more than 56 million this year, including around 26 million next-generation iPhones through year-end.

The case for and against a September iPhone 5 launch

Everyone knows Apple will launch a new iPhone, but no one knows quite when. Friday saw new claims as to when it might arrive, so it’s a good opportunity to look at all of the iPhone 5 release date rumors and see where we end up.

Report: Apple aims to sell 25M next-gen iPhones by end of year

Reports surrounding Apple’s next iPhone are beginning to stream in, and a new one today claims that the next-generation iPhone will launch during the third quarter. Sources reportedly within Apple’s supply chain also say initial shipment estimates for the new device are high.

Why a 15M iPhone 5 order placed now makes sense

Apple has reportedly placed an order for 15 million next-generation iPhones with supplier Pegatron. While Apple obviously isn’t commenting, a big order now makes sense for a number of reasons, not the least of which is how long Apple has already waited to refresh the iPhone.

Report: iPad 2 Backlight Supplier Another Piece in Puzzle

A report today in DigiTimes says Coretronic has been chosen to supply backlight units for Apple’s next iPad. It’s the latest piece in a supplier puzzle that’s beginning to form a fairly complete picture of what the iPad 2 will ultimately look like.