CDMA iPhone Order Suggests Imminent Verizon Launch

For those waiting for the Apple/Verizon wedding, today’s release of the iPad on that network could be seen as the engagement. But, how long until these companies finally join forces to deliver what we’ve all been waiting for: iPhone carrier choice in the U.S.?

Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Still in the Pipeline, Headed to AT&T

apple_tabletOh Apple tablet rumors, how I’ve missed you. The interruption of Apple’s (s aapl) Rock and Roll event seemed to take the wind out of your sails, but luckily, it was only temporary. Now, the Taiwan Economic News (via All Things D) is stoking the fires of hope once again with updates on pricing, time frame and technical details of the oft-rumored upcoming device.

Should these latest rumors prove correct, we can expect to see this tantalizing Apple fanboi fantasy by February of next year. Pricing should fall between $799 and $999, which will net you a 9.6-inch touch panel device powered by a mystery P.A. Semi-engineered chip, with a super-long-lasting battery by DynaPack International Technology. Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Still in the Pipeline, Headed to AT&T

Apple, Foxconn Comment on Worker’s Death


Yesterday may have been when Apple (s aapl) hosted its quarterly earnings conference call, but the company’s financial performance was somewhat overshadowed by the tragic death of a worker at an iPhone manufacturing facility. The factory, run by supplier Foxconn, is located in the Chinese city of Shenzen. Apple has previously come under fire for the labor practices of its Asian suppliers, most recently Wintek, which makes displays for the computing company.

The worker, 25-year-old Sun Danyong, was responsible for the final packing of a sample shipment of 16 iPhones. When one of said iPhones went missing, suspicion fell on Sun, and Foxconn management launched an investigation into the matter. Reports also indicate that a security officer, Gu Qinming, physically struck him during a confrontation regarding the theft. Sun denies the allegations. Read More about Apple, Foxconn Comment on Worker’s Death

Ingredients List for Apple’s New iPhone Published

picture-15Normally DigiTimes is content to just let the information leak out in a slow but steady stream leading up to the WWDC, but this time the Taiwanese news and rumors site has completely given up the goat in one fell swoop, instead of pacing themselves. They’ve published a list of various part makers for the upcoming iPhone revision from Apple (s appl), in a convenient, easy-to-digest table form no less. They’ve done everything but build the thing, basically.
As was previously reported, Samsung and Toshiba will be supplying the massive volumes of NAND flash required for the “iPhone 3.0”, and OmniVision will provide the 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor for the new iPhone camera. Missing from the list of components is that key ingredient, the processor(s?). The components are meant to be assembled into an initial order of 5 million iPhones and shipped by May 2009, which would give Apple ample buffer time to get things ready for WWDC on June 7. Read More about Ingredients List for Apple’s New iPhone Published