Why Mike Daisey isn’t done apologizing for his lies

Nine days after monologist Mike Daisey was exposed as a fabulist, a man who manufactured personal stories about Apple’s supply chain in China in hopes of selling a message and theater tickets, he finally apologized for his actions. He once again left out a key detail.

MacBook Air shipments jump as notebooks plummet overall

Apple’s MacBook Air continues to be a hot seller according to the latest sales estimates coming out of Apple’s supply chain. Shipments of the ultra-slim notebook were up to 1.2 million units in the fourth calendar quarter of 2011, up from 1 million the quarter before.

Is Apple’s 2012 iPad line aimed at every budget?

Some believe Apple’s next iPad launch could lead to a three-tiered pricing strategy aimed at making the iPad appealing to a much broader cross-section of consumers. So is Apple’s next tablet move really designed to lock up the market from top to bottom?

Three models of iPad in January? Not very likely

Apple is reportedly gearing up to unveil three different models of the iPad, including two brand-new offerings, on Jan. 26, according to new reports from supply chain sources on Thursday. There is plenty to like about the report, but I wouldn’t count on its coming true.

Today in Mobile

Bloomberg Businessweek has a fascinating, in-depth look at how Apple’s supply chain enables it to continue to churn out top-notch hardware at competitive prices. Meanwhile, All Things D covers a new document from Cannacord Genuity estimating that Apple claims 52 percent of the handset industry’s overall operating profits, despite owning a mere 4.2 percent of the worldwide handset unit market. It’s no wonder, then, why Apple opted to replace Steve Jobs with Tim Cook, the company’s longtime supply-chain guru. But as my colleague Erica Ogg notes, a big question going forward is whether Cook’s Apple becomes less conservative with its massive checkbook than it was under jobs.

This is what Apple does with all of that cash

There are a lot of advantages to keeping a hoard of $81 billion in cash on hand, as Apple does. One in particular allows Apple to set itself apart from its competitors in a very real and tangible way: by dominating the global electronics supply chain.

iPhone 4S costs an estimated $196 to make

Like clockwork, IHS iSuppli mercilessly tears down new iPhone models and exposes their inner works, looking to devine the secret of their manufacturing and components costs. On Thursday, the firm released its analysis of the latest and greatest, the iPhone 4S.

Apple, Samsung discuss long-term supply relationship

Earlier this week, we heard that Samsung would be responsible for the production of Apple’s A6 processor, and now there’s confirmation that executives of the two companies have sat down to talk about their supply-side relationship. Both appear interested in continuing those arrangements.

Apple’s reported supply chain cuts ‘overblown’

A day after an analyst spooked Apple investors with a report that the company had cut back on iPad production, other analysts are saying everything is fine. Some have their own theories on why Apple may have lowered orders for some iPad parts.

Report: iPhone 5 production hits 150K per day as launch nears

Apple’s suppliers are gearing up for the iPhone 5’s launch, according to supply-side sources speaking to DigiTimes on Thursday. Foxconn, Apple’s final assembler of iPhone devices, is currently putting together 150,000 handsets per day, with a goal of shipping 5-6 million iPhone 5s in September.