Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Due in March or April, Says Analyst

Source: Piper Jaffray

Apple (s aapl) is all set to begin production of a 10.1-inch LCD tablet starting in February 2010, according to a recent analyst note by Oppenheimer’s Yair Reiner. Following that, the device should then go on sale in March or April, Reiner says, with an initial production run of around 1 million units.

Reiner isn’t working off of leaked or inside information, but his predictions are based on industry supply checks, which means he’s making an educated guest based upon Apple’s activity with its overseas suppliers of late. That’s not the only source of rumor fodder, either. Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Due in March or April, Says Analyst

Today in Cleantech

Recently, a report from Global Witness cast the computer and consumer electronics industries in an unflattering light.  Put simply, they are accused of indirectly fueling the civil war and promoting unsafe working conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo by procuring “conflict minerals” sourced from the region.  Time picked up on the report, evoking parallels to blood diamonds and giving the story exposure and momentum.  Some technology companies have policies in place to avoid Congolese minerals. Watchers fear, however, that most well-meaning firms will find it hard to unravel the tangled web of middlemen that is a hallmark of multinational mining concerns. Nokia is the exception.  The cell phone maker, unlike many of its peers, takes a hands-on approach to its supply chains.

Transparency, Tools and Tech Companies

I’m the first to admit it: When it comes to the intersection of green and IT, I’m often a little fixated on “smart technologies” that can help squeeze inefficiency out of our systems, whether we’re talking smart grid, smart appliances (coming by 2015!), virtualization and cloud computing, demand response or even smart trash. But this week, I started thinking about another role that IT plays in developing sustainable businesses — facilitating transparency.