Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet blends bits of Surface Pro and RT

One look at the new Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet and you’ll swear you saw it before. It looks just like Microsoft’s Surface products. It blends some of the best features of Surface RT and Surface Pro, however; priced right, it could be a big seller.

Poll: Should Nokia build a Windows RT tablet? (I vote no)

Rumors are again surfacing that Nokia plans to build and sell a 10-inch Microsoft Windows RT tablet. Whether this is true or not, there isn’t much upside for Nokia here: it doesn’t have expertise in this area, and it can’t afford another product flop.

Microsoft expands Surface RT production, availability

It’s hard to tell if Microsoft’s Surface RT is a sales hit, but according to the company, retailer interest is high. As a result, Microsoft is expanding production and will be allowing third-party retail stores to carry the device earlier than it planned.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 285: Surface RT as iPad replacement?

After a few weeks of use, Matt’s Surface RT has replaced an iPad for most purposes. But what bought the Surface Pro: a compelling package or a let down? Hear about portable speakers from both hosts and learn more about the very connected Chevy Volt.

Is the Windows 8 user experience as bad as experts say?

The usability of Microsoft Windows 8 on a tablet is so bad that one expert says he’s sticking with Windows 7 until Windows 9 arrives. After using the Surface RT, I understand, but the real issue is lumping together an OS for tablets and PCs.